In 2014 BlueHouse Media began signing new music artists & creating records & music videos. The problem was, the most amazing talented singer-songwriters were not financed.

I understood that anything worthwhile was worth stepping out in faith to accomplish....or as my friend Bill Bartmann used to say, "Shoot for the stars & land on the moon, or shoot for the street lamp & land in the parking lot."

At this point I've signed three artists & devote a great deal of time creating marketing assets. I believe in 2015 we will ink out first deal with a major record label. But many inside & outside the company felt I'd taken the business on a detour that promised little security or success. To that I say yes, that moving forward means taking risks. Visualize where you want to be and start moving down the road towards it.

Our business model has always been to serve the business & artistic community with creative talent & state-of-the-art facilities. 2015 will be the year our boutique production company takes Tulsa talent to the world stage!

To be continued...